Navigation Issue Solved in Latest Update

Several users reported that their voice stopped working in Google Navigation. The reason was a mismatch between the voice you’ve purchased and the default language on your Android.  Update 2.0.6 of the Classic engine fixes this problem. The UK English voice will be used even if the language setting on your device is US English, and vice versa.

Alternatively if you use the UK English voice you can go to Android Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Select language  and select English (United Kingdom) .

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User comment of the day

Thank you very, very much. I just want to say that these voice packs sound great. I love it!

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More than 25 languages and 30 voices in Android Market

SVOX Mobile Voices now offers over 25 languages in the Android Market and over 30 voices.

The available languages are Arabic, Czech, Mandarin, Danish, German, Greek, English UK, English US, Finnish, French, French CA, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese BR, Russian, Spanish, Spanish MX, Swedish, Turkish, and Cantonese.

Male voices for most languages to be added in the coming days!

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Voice characters Dark Lord, Benny, and Michael released

Three new US English voice characters were released:

Works great in Google Navigation or use Talk-a-Droid Text to Speech to edit messages and save as ringtone.

If you have more than one US English Mobile Voice on your device, set your preferred voice character in Android Settings -> Voice -> Text-to-Speech -> SVOX Classic TTS settings (at the bottom of the Text-to-Speech settings screen).

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Loudness increased

Update 2.0.5 of the Classic Engine increases the default loudness of all voices to match the loudness of Pico voices.

The loudness of Classic can be configured in the Svox Classic TTS settings menu at the bottom of the Text-to-speech menu in Android Settings.  The TTS volume slider acts separately from the volume button on your device,  so you can make the TTS softer or louder without changing the loudness of other audio.

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Introducing SVOX Mobile Voices

If you use a navigation device you are familiar with a friendly voice guiding you to your destination. SVOX is a Swiss company that creates voices for navigation systems built into BMW, VW, Chrysler, Ferrari, and many other cars.

SVOX is now bringing its voice solutions to the Android Market. Use our voices in cool Android apps for navigation, e-book reading, speech-to-speech translation, language learning, and games.

Download Classic Text To Speech Engine for Android

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New: Installing on SD card and loudness

As of today all our voices install to the SD card on Android 2.2.  This was requested by numerous users who could not install our voices due to lack of internal memory.

We will also soon be releasing an update of our engine to increase loudness.

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