Mobile Voice US English added to Android Market

We have more than 20,000 downloads of the Classic Text-To-Speech Engine and many users have been asking when a US English voice would be released. Now this is finally the case. Go to Android Market and search for “SVOX” or “Mobile Voices US English”, then install the amazingly pleasant and natural sounding female voice.

More languages and voices will be added very soon. The download process will also be made more intuitive, for example opening the Classic Text-To-Speech Engine app will bring up a configuration panel instead of an empty screen.


About svoxmobilevoices

Head of Product Management, SVOX AG
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8 Responses to Mobile Voice US English added to Android Market

  1. Mitch says:

    Would love to use this, but it’s impossible from Australia…will it be released there anytime soon?

  2. Matt Guzman says:

    I can not download the US English version for this app. I do have froyo. Is that not supported yet? It sounds much better when i listen to the sample on the Talk to Me app. Please get this going for froyo. I will buy it!!!

  3. paul says:

    I bought and installed the US voice. […]

    Unfortunately even after the copy the 13Mb or so download is still retained in the phones internal memory. As I have an HTC desire (512Mb internal flash) this space is really at a premium (I know this as I ran into the “low memory warning condition” after downloading the voice – and that kills all ability to receive email etc – even with 24Mb free left…). […]

    Looking forward to UK english voices!


  4. christian wong says:

    I like to use many of your voices, since i and my collegues as dosctors get in touch with several people with different lauguages. I could be interesting to use your software, since it is a problem.

    I cannot download your voices in android markets, since i am situated in Denmark.


    Christian WOng, MD, PhD

  5. Claudio says:

    I have HTC Magic,
    I bought the US English voice(Susan),
    but it says “Retry” and it cannot install the voice on SD.
    there is of course enough storage on it.
    How can I get it to work?

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