About SVOX

For years SVOX has been known as a leading provider of speech solutions for the automotive and mobile industries, embedding both speech recognition and text-to-speech solutions in cars, mobile devices and other consumer electronics.  More information at http://www.svox.com.

Now for the first time, you have direct access to SVOX Mobile Voices, text-to-speech solutions giving Android applications a voice!  SVOX Mobile Voices read aloud texts from your e-book, navigation, translation and other apps in natural sounding voices… allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while driving, hear a translation in a foreign language, or listen to an e-book or other text… the possibilities are limitless.  We are in the process of rolling out our portfolio of 25 languages, so check back soon if your desired language is not currently available!


8 Responses to About SVOX

  1. Marc Padellini says:


    Quote from the website:
    “On earlier Android versions install and open the free TTS Extended App from Google.”

    There is no such app in the market of android 1.6 (HTC Tattoo). I could find the .apk in other websites or could directly pull it from an android 2.1 emulator, but maybe it would be nice to put the .apk directly on the SVOX Mobile blog if no legal issues ?


  2. Lars Petter says:

    can’t download norwegian language from market here in norway:( . market is closed for paid apps. is there another way we can solv this?
    pleace help me .

    • georg says:

      yes, google search for market enabler apk – that’s an app which can make your market think you’re in a different country of the world – preferably set it to US

  3. Luis Pajares says:

    I want to buy Spanish Mexican voice, but I can’t download it from market here in Peru. Market is closed for paid apps. How can I do to buy by another way?
    Please help me.

  4. bruno alberto says:

    I watched this video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-OXJxa6Exs. And I heard the voice show in Portuguese of Brazil: https://svoxmobilevoices.wordpress.com/demos/
    I wonder if the vox advertised on this site (http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/communication/svox-portugueseportugues_lhxk.html) is the same demo. And if installing this package consiguir take command of voice as in the video.

    • It’s the same svox and the same voices. The technology shown in the youtube video is not available in Android Market yet. You could use an app like StartTalking and configure it with the SVOX Portuguese voice. Not sure though if it supports voice recognition in Portuguese.

  5. Bruce says:

    One of my bosses has a SamSung Galaxy Tab and want to use the Svox text to speech application. The engine has been installed successfully but could not install the voices. If we try to buy the voices the message received is there is no such component in the android market.

    Please how do we get it to install.

    Thank you

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