• I can’t get this to work
    Please follow the steps at https://svoxmobilevoices.wordpress.com/how-to-use/ and tell us at which step it does not work for you
  • I’ve purchased the voice but it won’t install
    First verify if your credit card was registered correctly. Can you download other non-free apps?
    Some users have reported receiving a message “Download unsuccessful”. This is not a problem with our app but with Android Market. Please contact Google at http://www.google.com/support/androidmarket to receive solutions for your device.
  • I’m getting the error code -18 when trying to install
    There are occasional problems with Android Market that make it impossible to install a paid app. The installation fails because of a locked file. Solutions are to manually remove “/mnt/secure/asec/smdl2tmp1.asec” or an empty folder named “.android_secure”. Download a file manager app such as OI File Manager or File Manager. Navigate up from sdcard/ to mnt/, then down into secure/ and asec/ and delete smdl2tmp1.asec.
    Another solution is to remove or unmount your SD card and install the voice to your internal memory. After successfully installing the voice from Android Market (finally!)  move the voice from internal memory to the SD card using Android Settings -> Applications.
  • The voice sounds very low and gravelly in the latest version of the Classic engine, nothing like the voice in the demo
    A pitch slider was introduced in the SVOX Classic TTS settings, which are accessed from the bottom of the Android TTS settings.  For some reason the value of your pitch slider got set to a low number. The voice will sound better once you restore the pitch setting to 100.
  • Will this app read a book?
    It will if you download an ebook app that supports the Android TTS option. Speech Audio Books is an example. See here for a list of apps that support TTS: https://svoxmobilevoices.wordpress.com/gallery/
  • I open an email and hear no voice?
    You need to use an email reading app that integrates Android TTS. See here for a list of useful apps: https://svoxmobilevoices.wordpress.com/gallery/
  • The volume is turned up to 200 percent but the voice is still not loud enough
    Go to Android Settings -> Voice input & output -> Text-to-speech settings -> scroll down and select Svox Classic TTS settings. Adjust the SVOX TTS Volume. Then restart Svox Classic by changing the Default Engine to Pico and back to Svox Classic.
    The TTS volume slider changes the amplitude of the TTS signal. Increasing it a lot introduces some distortion as the signal starts clipping. For some scenarios external loudspeakers will be the best solution.
  • Can I use this on my Kindle?
    Reading e-books on your Android device is supported, for example using the Moon + Reader app. Kindle from Amazon is currently not supported.
  • The voice is installed on internal phone memory instead of the SD card
    All voices are configured to install to SD. Check if your SD card is available and working properly. Moving to SD card will also not work on Android 2.1 and earlier.
    The Classic engine has apps2sd enabled so you can move the engine to the sd card in the Applications settings. It does work on our test devices though we have received reports from users that apps2sd does not work on their device.
  • I can’t buy apps from Android Market on my device, where else can I get your software?
    Unfortunately at the moment we are only offering our software via Android Market.
    You may try to install the Market Enabler apk using an apk installer. We have not verified if this works. If it does please post a comment!
  • Should I select “Override App Settings” in TTS Service Extended?
    No.  If you have multiple languages installed for SVOX Classic, overriding the app settings means that only the language selected as default language can be used.
  • How can I back up the voices or re-install on a new phone?
    Google Market keeps track of the apps you purchased. You can uninstall and install them as often as you want, or install them on a new device. You will not be charged again. To install a purchased app on a new Android device, it’s essential that you sign in to Android Market using the same email address as on your old phone.
  • Does your app work on Android 2.1?
    Several apps support changing voices on Android 2.1: Talk To Me Classic, PDF to Speech, Smarter Alarm, Google Translate, and others. These apps use the Extended TTS API. Apps that don’t support the Extended TTS API, such as Google Navigation, only let you change the voice on Android 2.2 and later.
  • Why do apps like Google Maps Navigation and Good Morning continue to sound like Pico?
    On Android 2.2 you can use SVOX Classic for any app that accesses the Android TTS API. This includes Google Navigation.Availability of SVOX Classic on Android 2.1 and earlier depends on each app implementing the TTS Service Extended API.  Since Google Navigation does not support TTS Service Extended, selecting a different TTS Engine does not change the voice output for Google Navigation on Android 2.1 and earlier.
    Verify when the 2.2 update will become available from your network provider.
  • I cannot find TTS Extended in Android Market
    You can search for “TTS Extended apk” on the internet and install it using an apk installer.  Latest version of TTS Extended is 3.1 and here is a possible link to download it.
  • Can you tell me where I can download the voice packages? I have looked in the market, but can’t find any.
    Search in Android Market for “SVOX”. SVOX packages are available for Android versions 2.1 and 2.2.
  • How can I remove /mnt/secure/asec/smdl2tmp1.asec?
    Download a file manager app such as OI File Manager or File Manager. Navigate up from sdcard/ to mnt/, then down into secure/ and asec/ and delete smdl2tmp1.asec.
  • I don’t see any SVOX packages in Android Market
    SVOX packages are currently available for Android versions 2.1 and 2.2.
  • Why does the TTS sound louder and a bit harsher than the demo waveforms in TalkToMe?
    On Android 2.1, a high pass filter is applied to all TTS Engines including SVOX Classic.  This was fixed in Android 2.2.
  • Why does SVOX require these permissions?
    – modify/delete USB storage and SD card
    – internet access
    – view network state
    The voice data files are stored on the SD card to avoid filling up your internal memory. Internet access is used for the demo sentences in the free Engine and to access the Google license server for the paid voices. No personal data or input texts are being transferred from your device.

63 Responses to FAQ

  1. Muhamed says:


    I have installed the “TTS Engine” itself but couldn’t find the “Arabic” language speach in the market however I can see all other lnguages & I have tried other ways such as emailing the link & scanning the QR code but the market can’t find it, please help!!


  2. Ola Hesselroth says:

    Can’t make the Svox classic to work on a Sony Ericsson X10 with Android 2.1. The problem seems to be in the settings menu “Voice input & output”. It’s not possible to choice Svox. How should I do?

    I also have a HTC Desire, where it works perfect.

  3. Lau Kelvin Kai Hang says:

    I would like to ask you that can I use this to read txt file. which ebook reader app that I can use for reading txt file with the text to speech fuction.

    please help, I really really want to use this app for me to read txt document.
    By the way, I read Chinese book.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. Toni says:

    Hi Svox,

    I’m loving the clear speech, but can you produce a male UK English voice please? The high pitched female voice combined with the awful speaker on the Desire makes it resonate. A lower toned voice would be perfect.

    I have £2 waiting!


  5. Tomas Muzik says:


    I wasn’t able to make SVOX running together with CoPilot Live 8. I can’t select TTS in other language than US English and even there I see just PICO. I’m running Android 2.2 and I already set all options on the system level (I mean “default TTS language etc.). Is that a known issue or should I be able to make these two pieces cooperate?

    Thank You in advance for Your answer,


    • First verify that the SVOX Classic voice is working on your phone. Can you listen to the example in the TTS settings panel? You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the settings panel and enable SvoxClassic

      • Taylor H says:

        I’m running Android 2.1 on Galaxy S. I can hear the example in the TTS Service Extended app, SVOX is enabled, etc., but Navigation and other apps still use the default Pico engine..

      • That’s right, those apps don’t support the Extended TTS API which is needed on 2.1. Google Translate and Talk To Me Classic are examples of programs that do support the Extended TTS API.

  6. Fernando says:

    Hi! I’m thinking in buying the Portuguese BR voice but first I have a question:
    I live in Brazil but I keep my phone language as English because I’m used with English menu items, etc…
    The problem is that when I start Google Navigation it says the Brazilian street names with English accent, so it is terrible! I was wondering if by installing the SVOX Portuguese BR voice then it will speak the street names properly. Does it?

  7. Noushad says:

    Google market does not have the Arabic language pack. Can somebody tell me where else can I get the Arabic language pack?

    • Arabic is available. What happens when you click on the “Buy” button in the catalog that comes up with Svox TTS Engine app?

      • Alfred says:

        I’m having the same problem. In ‘Talk to Me”, when I try to ‘buy’ the EN-GB voice the search page says “There are no matches in the Android Market for the search: pname:com.svox.classic.langpack.eng_gbr_fem”. I also get a ‘Not found’ error box when I try to install the SVOX Classic TTS Engine. I have a Dell Streak running 1.6 on the Rogers network.


      • 2.2 is recommended, 2.1 works for certain apps

  8. Alexander de Vries Robles says:

    Have installed Svox Classic English on X10 mini pro android 2.1
    Can’t install TTS Extended get message no matches in Andriod market search for pname:com.google.tts

    Please help me out, regards


  9. sski says:

    Greek language not available. Listen button inactive, when click buy error not found.
    On Xperia X8 2.1

  10. Adam says:

    Hi. SVOX works great for me in Maps and Navigation (Motorola Droid – Android v2.2.1)

    However, it doesn’t seem to work with the built-in bluetooth voice dialer app. When using Pico, opening the voice dialer will say “Speak Now” into the bluetooth headset’s speaker, and it will also repeat what I say to confirm. If I use SVOX, it is silent instead. I’ve noticed when canceling a bluetooth voice dial that I can hear the last bit of SVOX saying “bye” over the phone’s external speaker.

    I think SVOX may be trying to speak its voice prompts and confirmations over the external speaker, which is autmatically muted during voice dialing. Any way to get it to play over the bluetooth headset speaker instead like Pico does?

  11. Ari Ahokas says:


    I have HTC Desire and installed SVOX classic TTS and also purhased SVOX Finnish. I see my language is installed in SVOX classic but when I go to Settings -> Voice input & output -> Text-to-speech settings I can’t select default language. Default engine is SVOX. I have tried select Pico and then again SVOX but it didn’t help. I also tried re-install SVOX classic but it didn’t help either. Can You help me, please?

  12. maddoxflower says:

    I am running Android 2.1 on an Acer beTouch E400, but I can’t make “Good Morning” (or any other app really, I’ve also tried StartTalking and Talkback) use the UK English (Victoria) voice, only the listening examples (in UK English Female Voice and in TTS Service Extended settings) work fine. What could be the problem?

  13. Nick says:


    Firstly, thanks for making such awesome voices for Android. I’ve just downloaded a talking alarm clock which allows me to edit the message I wake to. I’ve noticed that it’s possible to change the intonation of the voice by adding various punctuation marks after a word or sentence – do you have a list of which punctuation marks affect the voice in which way? Also, is it possible to change the intonation in mid-sentence, and avoid the pause which happens when a sentence ends? This would be very useful for fine-tuning the message to make it sound even more realistic.

  14. Paulo Guimarães says:


    I need to reset my phone and I surelly will loose all apps including Brazilian Svox voice I bought. What can I do do retrieve the software that I paid?


    • Google Market keeps track of the apps you purchased. You can uninstall and install them as often as you want, or install them on a new device. You will not be charged again. To install a purchased app on a new Android device, it’s essential that you sign in to Android Market using the same email address as on your old phone.

  15. ΙΔΚ says:

    I use X10 , Android 2.1 and I cannot find in google market the TTS extended. It says the file does not exist… What to do next?

  16. john says:

    It is possible use SVOX on iphone or SVOX classic is developed only for android phones?

  17. Gregor D' Seas says:

    Hi, I am running Android 2.2.1 in the US. I would like to use the Greek voice app for map navigation but in my language settings (for the phone) I only have ENGLISH and SPANISH, not GREEK.

    Is there a way to get the SVOX Greek voice and make it work?

    Thank you!

    • There is an option in Svox Classic Settings to “Override language”. This would enable your Greek voice for any text sent to the TTS. It’s not a perfect solution though, you will no longer hear the English words, but the Greek street names should be pronounced.

  18. Al Middleton says:

    My TomTom has hundreds of choices for navigation — Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, Mr. T, etc. Are they any plans to have “famous” voices?

  19. Eugene says:

    If I buy current version of SVOX, could I update it in future to more newer version for free?

  20. Dave Kolmer says:

    Fantastic! Finally got Victoria loaded on my Android 2.2 phone and it’s SO much better than the stock voice (which I referred to as “B**ching Betty”). Well done, SVOX. I hope you will add a female voice with a Scottish accent and also some fun voices (like the “surfer dude” voice Nokia released. Thanks again!

  21. jaime says:

    Can I use the Japanese voice to read English

    • You can if you check “Language Override” in the SVOX Classic TTS settings. But the current version of the Japanese voice will not do a good job at reading English. This will be improved in a next version.

      • Jin says:

        If there is a sentence that contains both Japanese and English, can I adjust the settings so that the appropriate voices read those respective portions? (I have purchased voices for both languages 🙂

  22. Rob says:

    This is something for your FAQ. Why does SVOX require these permissions?


    The Storage one, I figured is because you can put the voices on USB/SD storage. I understand that Network State is tied with Internet Access. But why require Internet access in the first place!

  23. Ahmad says:

    Hello, I love the voices and your work. I was hoping to have a way of setting language specific text-to-speech voice settings. I have my main voice but I do have some text that I would like to be read by the Arabic voice. For example, I am using the Good Morning application and would like to mix between the application reading English and Arabic text between the various alarms I have set. Is there a way to configure this? If not, will you consider it for future releases? I think others will benefit from such features since it will simplify configuration and ease of use.


    • Good Morning can select the TTS language via the TTS API. Perhaps you can suggest to the developer of Good Morning to let you set the preferred TTS language for certain functions.

  24. James says:

    Love the engine .. it works and sounds great!

    I was wondering it was possible to dynamically change the voice parameters? For example, utilizing an app such as Tasker, I can send a line of text to be spoke by SVOX such as:
    “The time is 4:32pm, and the weather is currently sunny and clear.”

    Is it possible to insert commands into a line of text to be spoken to alter speed, pitch etc? .. for example:

    “The time is 4:32pm, and the weather is currently sunny and clear.”

    .. if so .. are there any other ‘inline’ commands that can be utilized? Such as the inclusion of an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence instead of a period to alter the way it sounds?

    Cheers .. 🙂

    • Great questions. The following works: faster , lower , louder , and . Will document this inside the app in a next version.

      Would be even better if WordPress didn’t filter out the markup.

      That should read XML type angle brackets: speed level=”120″ faster /speed, pitch level=”90″ lower /pitch , volume level=”150″ louder /volume and break msec=”200″

  25. Raul Rodriguez says:

    I purchased the TTS “Grace”and installed it in the HTC Thunderbolt, everything went smooth on the install, when I test the voice it sounds heavenly. When I press the bluetooth voice dial I’m getting the “SpeakNow” prompt, but the volume is about 50%, I turn it up and when I try the next time it’s back down to 50%. This is only happening in the bluetooth volume , the internal audio is fine, quality and volume. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling sVox and Grace, but I’m getting the same results.

  26. David Gippner says:


    Is there any chance to get SVOX running on my Nexus S with Gingerbread (2.3.4) – is a version for Gingerbread planned or functioning?

    Thanks in Advance,

  27. David says:

    I have a nexus S 4g running 2.3.4 and a samsung epic running 2.2, will this work on both phones and will I be able to increase the voice dialing Bluetooth confirmations. I ride a motorcycle and when moving I can’t here pico talk back the name of the person that the phones is dialing. I need to have a voice that will allow me to increase the volume.

    • David says:

      I downloaded the SVOX classic TTS app and it plays the voices but that doesn’t prove that it works with the voice dialer and allow to increase the volume.

  28. Sergio says:

    On the PC version it is possible to create and manage personal dictionaries for words that are not in the main dictionary. This is possible on android version too? If yes, how?

  29. Andy says:

    Does this require an active data connection to work with Talk to Me?

  30. John says:

    I’ve looked through the faqs and some other comments on the site and could not find the answer so I thought I would ask. Does the program translate our does the document need to be in its language? Example: If you have an ebook in english, can it read it in norwegian?

  31. hasan gelilaty says:

    what is devices is compatible with app svox

  32. hasan gelilaty says:

    thank you for your application
    i want to buy your app for my Mobily Samsung GT-I9003
    but market.android.com say This app is incompatible with your Mobily Samsung GT-I9003
    i am living in saudia arabia
    i have master card and i am ready to buy now but how
    if no way to work on my mobile
    what is the list of devices compatible with your app
    so i will buy another mobile smart phone from the list you will provided me
    plese answer me i am witting you now
    mobile : 00966564901045

  33. nikita says:

    What about honeycomb?

  34. Tom says:

    I want to create an app that uses MY voice.
    How can I do that?


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