Android Apps Supporting TTS

  • Google Navigation
  • TalkToMe: speech-to-speech translation app
  • TalkBack in Android Settings -> Accessibility
  • uNote: note taking app (uses only US English voices)
  • Good Morning: talking alarm clock
  • Google Translate: speech-to-speech translation app
  • WikiDroyd: offline Wikipedia reader
  • Talk – Text to Voice
  • ElkDroid: home automation
  • Speak It: Text To Speech widget to speak saved text
  • Las Vagrants Speaks: TTS editor
  • SayMyName Dessert: reads caller’s name, SMS, email
  • Langlearner Speaker
  • Walky Talky: speaks the address of nearby locations as you pass them (from Google’s eyes-free project)
  • Intersection Explorer: walks you through an intersection (from Google’s eyes-free project)

About svoxmobilevoices

Head of Product Management, SVOX AG
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One Response to Android Apps Supporting TTS

  1. Tom Tasche says:


    Unfortunately you forgot to mention “SayMyName Dessert”. :/


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