SVOX TTS SDK Integration

Are you a developer and want to integrate SVOX TTS into your app? The TTS SDK is available to developers for iOS, Android, and other platforms.

Please contact us at

Referral Scheme

Android developers can make referrals from their app to the high quality SVOX Classic voices in the Android Market. SVOX pays 30% of the net USD default price of each voice to the developer as a referral fee. This is a great way for developers to monetize apps that use voice.

Follow these steps to set up SVOX referrals from your app:

    • Integrate Text-to-Speech into your app using the Android TTS API
    • Add an option in your preferences menu to download SVOX voices. The option leads to a catalog page that you create
    • On the catalog page show the list of SVOX voices. For each voice show a button to hear a streamed audio sample and a button to send an intent to Android Market. The intent contains the package name of the voice and the referral ID of your app
    • A list of voice names, audio demo URLs and Android Market intent names is available here
    • A code example to create the intent is as follows:

String market = “market://details?id=”;
String base = “com.svox.classic.langpack.”;
String packageName = “eng_gbr_fem”;
String referrer =
String MARKET_URI = market + base + packageName + referrer;
Uri marketUri = Uri.parse(MARKET_URI);
Intent marketIntent;
marketIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, marketUri);

  • A more extensive code example displaying the catalog as in the SVOX Classic app can be requested by sending an email to
  • Send us the YourPackageName string and your email account for Google Analytics to complete the registration and receive details about getting paid out.

Several apps have integrated the referral scheme for SVOX voices. Have a look at some examples how they did it:


3 Responses to Developers

  1. K says:

    This may not be the place for such a request, but would it be possible to implement a user-editable search/replace list? For example, I use TTS mostly for ebooks currently, and I would love to be able to automatically replace dashes with commas, for instance, so that it didn’t pronounce “hyphen” every time the author makes an aside. I’m sure there are other replacements/clarifications that people might be interested in for other uses.

  2. Tony says:

    I’d be interested in seeing more about this referral program. My app really enjoys the superior sound of your TTS engine.

    One issue I’d like to see you address is to desist from logging transcripts of the text being spoken to the Android log file. That is needless, and raises a security issue.

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