Voice demos

Malik     Arabic    male      
Iveta     Czech     female    
Sara      Danish    female    
Petra     German    female    
Markus    German    male      
Ariadne   Greek     female    
Victoria  UK English          
Oliver    UK English          
Grace     US English          
Benny     US English          
Michael   US English          
Dark Lord US English          
Pablo     European Spanish    
Noelia    European Spanish    
Angelica  Mexican Spanish    
Juan      Mexican Spanish    
Satu      Finnish   female    
Nicolas   Canadian French    
Chantal   Canadian French    
Luc       French    male      
Aurelie   French    female    
Mariska   Hungarian female    
Bianca    Italian   female    
Marco     Italian   male      
Misaki    Japanese  female    
Sang-Mi   Korean    female    
Lena      Dutch     female    
Jan       Dutch     male      
Nora      Norwegian female    
Eva       Polish    female    
Luciana   Brazilian Portuguese
Catarina  Portuguese          
Joaquim   Portuguese          
Katja     Russian   female    
Yuri      Russian   male      
Klara     Swedish   female    
Cem       Turkish   male      
Hei Wan   Cantonese female    
Yun       Mandarin  female    

34 Responses to Voice demos

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  2. Pete says:

    Please let me know when your app works with navigation. I love the quality of the voice but navigation is the only thing I need TTS for.

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  4. Murz says:

    Any plans for add Russian language support?

  5. Nick says:

    Sounds great, only problem is that the US english female voice seems really quiet. I’m using the voice with a program called eCID (a caller ID program that tells me who is calling), and when I have the default engine running I can hear the announcement fine, but when I switch to svox it is too quiet to even hear. I like what you’ve done, but a fix for this would be much appreciated.

  6. Eniak says:

    Can you put russian demo (for android), thanks?

  7. Murz says:

    Russian voice works good for me, much better than in TTS Service Extended, but put the sample to site is good idea.

  8. Viktor says:

    Can you put russian demo thanks?

  9. Evgeniy says:

    Russian Yuri’s voice sounds really great, but I can’t find it on the market – only female voice is available at the moment.
    Could you tell please, when it will be available there?
    It could be my first buy on the market 🙂

  10. Ivailo says:

    Hello, witch device is best android OS for blind user? I wont with hardware buttons, or qwerty keybord.

  11. itai says:

    are you planning to add Hebrew?

  12. Warren says:

    Any chance of getting the Oliver – UK English voice placed on the Android market? Thanks for providing us a great alternative to the stock TTS that comes with the device!

    • Alan Jenney says:

      I agree with Warren, I’m currently using the UK female voice on Android 2.1 but when I upgrade to 2.2, I’d like Oliver for my FroYo voice.

  13. Martijn says:

    Am bought the dutch female voice, but i was looking for the dutch male voice, the voice is on this demo page but i cannot find it in the market.

  14. Nikolay says:

    where can I buy a Russian male voice (Yuri). I cannot find it in android market or SVOX classic TTS.

  15. Martijn says:

    Where can i download the dutch male voice?, i cannot find it in market.

  16. BOGDAN says:

    where can I buy the Romanian voice?, i cannot find it in market.

    P.S. I am sorry because i put this question sow many times ,but an answer will be useful.


  17. Dirk says:


    I found the demo voices a bit metallic sounding. Are there any plans for a Dutch Belgian version (Flemish in other words), both male and female? To most Flemish speaking people the available Dutch version is not what they will prefer.

  18. Igor says:

    I can’t by the voices on market, it can’t find them…
    I’m so angry because there is no other places where I can by them!

  19. Wisam says:

    Please add demo for Japanese voice Misaka. Thanks

  20. Emilie says:

    does it read your incoming text messages?

  21. Erico says:

    Just a heads-up: your Brazilian Portuguese voice (Luciana) says “Hello, my name is Glaucia” in the sample…

  22. Sam says:

    Listening to sample voices is all well and good, but I have no idea how well it works in day to day use. I am visually impaired and plan to get an android phone in the near future. I want to know if you guys have trial periods for your voices; otherwise, please consider bundling one of the voices for free (my apologies if you already do that, but that doesn’t seem to be the case from what I read on the market).

  23. Adam says:

    love “victoria” only a matter of time before you offer Klingon????? ;0)

  24. Eliazara says:

    I just bought the Victoria voice. It would be nice if you packaged the language modules together, like both UK voices for $5 or something. I would have rather done that. Same with the US voices.

  25. Francisco says:

    Needs improvements in Brazilian Portuguese voice…Many mistakes when reading a PDF document with ezPDF Reader.


  26. Jamie says:

    The Latvian language ever will be?

  27. trianont says:


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