Loudness increased

Update 2.0.5 of the Classic Engine increases the default loudness of all voices to match the loudness of Pico voices.

The loudness of Classic can be configured in the Svox Classic TTS settings menu at the bottom of the Text-to-speech menu in Android Settings.  The TTS volume slider acts separately from the volume button on your device,  so you can make the TTS softer or louder without changing the loudness of other audio.


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Head of Product Management, SVOX AG
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One Response to Loudness increased

  1. Takeshi McFall says:

    The increased volume is definitely appreciated. However, since installing the SVOX Classic update, Google Maps Navigation continuously tells me that I need to install text-to-speech support from the Android Market. This is despite having SVOX Classic TTS and the UK English female voice both installed and configured on my device.

    Additionally, I either get a US English voice or chimes instead of the UK English voice. I have reinstalled both SVOX Classic TTS and the UK English female voice and went through the TTS settings to re-enable SVOX Classic as the default engine. However my problem persists. How I can I resolve this issue?

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