New voice interfaces

The interface for the voices was revamped. New functionality includes a text editor, voice control sliders, loading and saving texts, and sharing the results with your friends.  An extensive help menu was added giving you access to the FAQ page, list of apps that use the Android TTS interface, user testimonials, and more.

We have created a poll to find out more about how users find us and what we can do to improve. Please take a second to vote:


About svoxmobilevoices

Head of Product Management, SVOX AG
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3 Responses to New voice interfaces

  1. bill says:

    I have android 2.2 galaxs samsung phone. I use copilot live na, svox does not show up as achoice…checked settings on phone 5 times…need help please…

  2. angelica says:

    Us a good site thanks

  3. Marc Archer says:

    I’m using Grace and its so cool but I’m missing speech sync

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