App Gallery

Android apps using text-to-speech (*):

Tools / Productivity

  • Jeannie: great free app to control your phone with voice commands, set alarms and reminders, send text messages and email, voicedial your contacts, listen to music and poems, get news, facts and translations, search images, videos, apps and places and much more! Watch the video!
  • Voice Actions Plus: paid version of Jeannie. Coming soon: Nuance speech recognition for higher accuracy in the paid version
  • Speak Text Easy: read PDF and EPUB files
  • Announcify: reads caller’s name, SMS, email
  • Choice Dialer: a hands-free replacement for the stock Android Voice Dialer, with voice confirmation and added commands and options. It confirms commands interactively by voice. “Call Jim Harris at mobile”, “next song”, “Set my Facebook status”…
  • Talking Caller ID: Talking Caller ID voices the name or number of incoming calls
  • Enhanced SMS & Caller ID: provides voice notifications for incoming callers, incoming SMS messages, Google Talk, new K9 / Kaiten messages and event reminders from your Google Calendar.
  • Handcent SMS: powerful free sms/mms tools
  • ezPDF Reader: popular PDF Viewer
  • PDF to Speech: read PDF and plain text files (supports TTS Extended on Android 2.1)
  • iHear Network: free social news reader app. Allows you to listen to articles as your phone speaks them aloud using Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology.
  • Voice Browser: navigate webpages by voice
  • InstaFetch Pro: save complete web pages to your mobile device for offline, TTS reading.
  • WebTalks: subscribe to webpages (RSS) and have them read to you
  • WikiDroyd: offline Wikipedia reader
  • TalkBack in Android Settings -> Accessibility
  • Spiel: free, scriptable screen reader
  • uNote: note taking app (uses only US English voices)
  • Note Everything
  • Good Morning: talking alarm clock
  • Smarter Alarm: talking alarm clock (supports TTS Extended on Android 2.1)
  • WakeVoice: talking alarm clock
  • Talking Calendar: Reads aloud calendar events
  • StartTalking: real hands-free SMS
  • ElkDroid: home automation
  • TaskerTotal Automation for Android

Books & Reference

Travel & Local


Health & Fitness


(*)  Disclaimer: this list is created from our users’ feedbacks and provided “As Is”, with no warranties nor guarantees about the full compatibility of SVOX Voices with the present or future versions of these apps, nor the compatibility of these apps with your specific device / OS Version.


22 Responses to App Gallery

  1. Ludek says:

    Moon+ Reader Pro – Pro version of the Moon+ reader has excelent capability to read ebooks using TTS engine.

  2. Albert says:

    App Press Reader can be added toe thee list

  3. AlberTo says:

    Can’t download from Android market, always say “not found”…. Help me. I wanna buy mexican voices…

  4. Pat says:

    Can the “note everything” also “and Bible” apps be added?
    Love using moonreader with the Michael Voice, thanks for your work.

  5. Svengalist says:

    Droid Talker also does TTS on text typed into text field. It can also load a .txt file into the text field.

  6. Svengalist says:

    more on Droid Talker:
    however it seems to truncate the text file, so large text files have to be split up. This is regarding the LITE version, perhaps the FULL version doesn’t have that restriction.

  7. Svengalist says:

    Ignore my 2nd comment from February 24, 2011 at 16:28. 🙂

    It seems the app splits the file into separate pages, so it won’t read the entire text file in one go, you have to press “next page”, and then the “speak” button. It works, but a bit crude, and not as “hands-free” as I had hoped.

  8. Chris says:

    Enhanced caller id by Edward Kawas is awesome. It reads incoming SMS & Callers, and also emails and calendar events. It’s a really good value for your money.

  9. Peter says:

    Remember Me ( has been using SVOX TTS (Pico & Classic) with great success.

  10. Seth Grant says:

    Wondering if you’re aware of something that would act as Twitter reader, or Plume reader.

  11. Antonio says:

    I bought this app exclusively by web talks, but It did not start reading automatically like with pico TTS , Am I doing something wrong?

  12. Heber says:

    RetroActive is a great diary/journaling app that reads entries nicely with SVOX:

  13. angelica says:

    Me parece muy bueno

  14. Bruce Lucas says:

    Works great with Career Bible.

  15. Bruce Lucas says:

    Works great with Cadre Bible!

  16. Seth Grant says:

    Is there an app that reads Twitter as new tweets come in? I’d like to be able to use this app while driving, in class, etc. Thanks!

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