Mobile Voices added for Arabic, French, Castilian Spanish, and Dutch

Four new voices are now available in Android Market: a male Arabic voice, and female French, Castilian Spanish, and Dutch voices. Demos of all our voices can now be found on our demo page.


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Head of Product Management, SVOX AG
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6 Responses to Mobile Voices added for Arabic, French, Castilian Spanish, and Dutch

  1. MarekS says:

    What about Polish language?

  2. Jeroen says:

    Cant find Dutch in the market. Only German and Turkish.

  3. Jack says:

    What happened to the French version on the android Market? Is there another place to get the file?

  4. David says:

    What I’d really love is the “Rio de la Plata” variant of Spanish although I don’t know how big the market must be to be worth making a language pack.

    My biggest concern right now is though, that your languages don’t support the Froyo feature of saving an App to the SD. I know that the languages are copied to the SD but I have to uninstall them afterwards because of lack of internal memory. Eventhough they still work after uninstalling, I won’t see whether there are actualizations.

  5. Hi, we can’t connect android market from turkey yet.. have any other links??

    • Unfortunately not at the moment. There are a few alternatives to Android Market but it duplicates the work for the developers to upload and maintain their app presence, accounting, marketing, not to mention possible inconsistencies between the distributions. Would be interested to know other developers’ experience with distributing paid apps through channels outside of Android Market.

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