• SIRIously awesome!
  • Wow Actually kind of good.
  • 5 stars if you add John Cleese
  • Google Maps Navigation versus a dedicated GPS device (and why I think Google Maps nav is better)
  • Very nice and much improved voice quality! Best $2 I ever spent.
  • Love your speech engines, thank you very much. Now finding myself in need of Irish. Are you planning on making an Irish app by chance?
  • Victoria is great.  When are you going to do Joanna Lumley? I have her on my old TomTom, and I’d love to have her on my Android too!
  • Thanx for your great help. Now my Speakervoice works well again.
  • You can change the voice used in Google Navigation, simply download a new Text-To-Speak engine from the Market Place. I recommend the SVOX Classic engine. Just be prepared, while the engine is free, there is a fee for the additional voices but it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. Having a sexy British womans voice telling me where to go equals AWESOME.
  • Any application which uses TTS (sports tracking, navigation, ebook reader, etc.) will suddenly sound better, almost to the point of natural.
  • The svox voices are so warm, full, and human. I bought the English voice named Grace, she’s awesome…
  • More voices, smaller size, a cheaper price, and in my opinion better sounding speech
  • Working well and I am really enjoying the more natural voicce of ‘Grace’.  Can you send me a picture of her 😉  I wonder what she looks like?
  • Thank you very, very much. I just want to say that these voice packs sound great. I love it!
  • Yes, the voices sound excellent! Very professional! They are great!
  • The most popular native language synthetizer for Android with HUUUGE language and voice support.
  • Brilliant Mandarin started working
  • Great app! was looking for ages for japanese speech output and this one works a treat
  • This is the best app for voice on the android market
  • Download the Svox English lady TTS voice. Well worth it, and you just make her the default so your text to speech apps will use her dulcet tones instread of the original ‘Murican’ default woman’s synth. On my system, she spoke with a US accent even though I’d specified UK English, the only time an English accent was heard was in the speech sample in settings. So goodbye Pico, hello Svox Classic.
  • Hi, I am really enjoying the voice. “Leisure” is pronounced funny, but over pretty good. I use the app by Edward Kawas, which makes very good use of your voices.

3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Open heart surg. says:

    Low pitch michael voice is the bomb! He reads everything to me now. Super pleased with this app. Best $ 3.00 spent on any site yet!

  2. Michal Mikulik says:

    Please fix Czech voice Iveta, she reads the word “facebook” in Czech pronunciation. It shoul be read in English.
    And the name “Naďa” is pronounced badly.

    Otherwise I’m totally satisfied. Great app.

  3. David says:

    Have to agree. Great voices. Using UK English voices and find them easy to understand. Surprising mispronunciation of English names such as Fanshawe, which comes out Fansha. If this was able to be fixed would make a great product even better.

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