• Should I select “Override App Settings” in TTS Service Extended?
    No.  If you have multiple languages installed for SVOX Classic, overriding the app settings means that only the language selected as default language can be used.
  • Why do apps like Google Translate and Google Maps Navigation continue to sound like Pico?
    On Android 2.2 you can use SVOX Classic for any app that accesses the Android TTS API. This includes Translate and Maps.
    Availability of SVOX Classic on Android 2.1 and earlier depends on each app implementing the TTS Service Extended API.  Since Google Translate does not support TTS Service Extended, selecting a different TTS Engine does not change the voice output for Google Translate on Android 2.1 and earlier.
  • Can you tell me where I can download the voice packages? I have looked in the market, but can’t find any.
    Search in Android Market for “SVOX”. SVOX packages are available for Android versions up to 2.2.
  • I don’t see any SVOX packages in Android Market
    SVOX packages are currently available for Android versions up to 2.2.
  • Why does the TTS sound louder and a bit harsher than the demo waveforms in TalkToMe?
    On Android versions 2.1 and lower, a high pass filter is applied to all TTS Engines including SVOX Classic.  This will be fixed in Android 2.2.
  • Can’t install on SD card
    E/PackageHelper( 1019): Failed to create secure container smdl2tmp1
    E/DefContainer( 1019): Failed to create container smdl2tmp1
    1) unmount SD card
    2) download & install (SD card access fails of course)
    3) remount SD card
    4) retry to access SD card and proceed with copy of voice data 



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5 Responses to FAQ

  1. spocky says:

    Hi, I’ve seen that 2.2 packages appeared on the market a few days ago. Unfortunately, all languages but french are available. Do you know when it’ll be released ?

  2. ynau says:

    When you plan russian voice to come into android market?

  3. jeff says:

    A possibility to install the application language on SD card in the future ?

  4. Sergey says:

    I’ve seen Russian lanuage in AppBrain’s market. How can I buy it?
    Google market hides paid apps in Russia.

  5. hynek says:

    i wish i can buy czech voice, but google market place is supporting just few countries…
    is there any chance to use paypal?

    Hynek Los

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